Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two tricks in one day, you should feel honored

to tell, or not to tell that is the question...some mothers may judge the shortcuts fathers make, and just pass us off as just being lazy or what not...the truth is, I'm not that overprotective type person that puts a helmet on my kid just when he is going sledding.  I can't stand that, and while studies show that it prevents this and that I feel if I didn't need it then neither does my child.  My wife's argument is that we didn't have the protective technology back then and that is why we didn't use it.  I disagree, for me, it was uncool to wear that stuff.  It made you soft.  I could be all alone on this but when I was growing up there weren't many kids wearing elbow pads when skateboarding and helmets on a bike.  Somehow I ended up fine.  (or did I?)  Alright, shortcut number 2:  Mix the oatmeal and fruit.  Those of you that have infants know what I am talking about and some mothers might actually approve of this one.  My daughter can't stand oatmeal, and for some reason I fought her on it and had to watch her spit, hit, and claw her way through eating it every time.  Then, when I gave her the fruit, she was money.  So, I integrated the two and made a fruit oatmeal mix.  Saves time, saves cleanup, saves your sanity.  Everything that is in my Daddy to-do list.  Stay tuned and I will talk about the falacy of the diaper genie.

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  1. Love it! I'm not so much with you on the helmet stuff- I make my kids wear those because I've heard of the accidents and tend to be over-protective having lost a child (though there was nothing I could have done about that...) but I am so with you on mixing the oatmeal and the fruit. Another thing that I do now- Sean Asher has those bibs that fold up and catch stuff- I put the cheerios right into the bib instead of on the table or tray- they just end up in the bib anyway and he picks them up out of there just fine! ;-) All for short-cuts! Way to go stay-at-home-dad! My hubby was one for five years or so and it was a blessing for sure! Looking forward to reading more!!