Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Intro to the life of a stay home pops

Wake up, feed my daughter (8 months), feed my other two sons, get them ready for school and perhaps get a moment to have a morning view of sportscenter before I leave the house for taxi service.  Yeah, that's right, Sportscenter!  I could have put the normal and yet cliche' coffee in there but quite frankly I don't know how people can drink that stuff.  It comes out too hot, you can't walk around with it, and you definately cannot carry a baby with a cup of coffee in the other hand.  Let alone the safety issues of having hot coffee on the table with a 6 and 3 year old running around the house.  So I'm simple.
I created this blog to get some feedback on some of the ideas and shortcuts that we as fathers take that of course our loving significant others seem to scoff at...letting the kids wear pj's all day...breakfast for dinner...basically all of the inside outs of being a Dad that absolutely drive the women crazy.  I will state my case, provide healthy bantar and hopefully provide some sort of insight how to make parenting fun and energetic throughout the day without it sucking your inner fire.
I am not a perfect father.  I don't claim to be.  I claim to be someone that loves his kids enough to leave teaching in high school and take another career pathway so I can see my children thoughout the day.  (that and the price of day care just didn't seem to make sense) So what is my first tidbit or helpful hint of the day that can save you some sanity.  Well, it's simple.  I'm pretty sure that some of you have thought of it at one point or another.  I have three kids, my sons are 6 and 3 and getting independent.  With that regard, that means that they still want to wake up early and play.  A shortcut to get your sleep:  Fill their cuppy's up in the nighttime and put them in the fridge.  Everytime my kids wake me up in the morning(besides the 8 mo old) it's usually because they want some milk or something to drink when they wake up.  Get your kids in the routine of finding their cuppy in the fridge and you will steal another 45 minutes of sleep in the morning.  Couple that with making sure your T.V. is on the right channel when they turn on the tv and you should be fine.  I will be back with more info as it comes, but shortcuts will help you gain your sanity.

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  1. Ah- pajamas all day!!!! Can't wait for winter break! Looking forward to reading more!