Friday, November 19, 2010

Daytime Television

I'm a man, so when I say daytime television I'm usually talking about sportscenter, Las Vegas, Law and Order SVU and I'm neglecting the "soap opera's".  As a stay home, these shows can most definately be a time sucker and you need to stay away.  However, keeping in mind that you do need a fix of entertainment throughout the day in your downtime, it is relevent that you use the On Demand feature of your cable.  I constantly am talking about ways to save time and sneak a few minutes here and there.  Well, here it is.  Law and Order usually sucks about an hour out of your day with their compelling cliff hangers and interesting content.  Same thing with a typical MTV Challenge.  However, if you On Demand the shows, they will decrease down to around 40 minutes, and maybe 36 if you fast forward the single commercials they have in there.  By using On Demand, you have made yet another shortcut to save some valuable time during your day.


  1. Love the Blog...keep them coming!!

  2. don't forget the all important pause button and the resume watching button for the occasional snack break, diaper change, or any other task that needs to be done