Monday, January 24, 2011

The Boring Stage

Yes I said it, the boring stage.  Mom's love it.  Dads however, well I can only speak for me, can't stand it.  There is nothing fun about this stage and men are naturally not cuddlers in this world so it just doesn't make sense.  Babies that can talk, walk, roll, move, or do anything of intent are exactly what I said, boring.  Every family man or woman is probably gasping right now because they give off this vibe like child birth has been a delight and everything is going so perfect at home.  Let me tell it like it is, it's not fun.  I like to compare it to my golf game.  I enjoy the fact that I'm golfing, not how I'm golfing.  I enjoy the camaraderie and the competition on a beautiful day but I get frustrated with what is within the day of golf itself.  Then, and for me it's a small moment, I hit the shot of the day.  This particular shot is a powerful one because it's the same shot that is going to keep you coming back to golf the next day.  A moment of clarity, a moment of immortality, and then it is shot down by your next drive.  Well, raising a baby is rather similar.  There is the constant pooping, spitting, crying, and dependence that will drain your physical well-being.  Then, just when you feel as if you can't take another diaper explosion, she smiles at you, and all is forgotten.  I develop a case of amnesia and can't remember all the times where I'm cleaning feces from my hands.  Regardless, it's boring.  Now, she moves, smiles, talks, and interacts.  She's funny, and developing her personality.  This is what I like.  She's developing her independence but yet can show her love for her brothers and parents.  Moms like to cuddle, Dad's like to rough house and move around.  Occasionally I will hold her against my chest when she is tired.  But still, I like running around with her more.

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